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Hardest Probability Problem

Hardest Probability Problem Solution - 21 April

If you keep rolling a pair of dice together till a sum of 5 or 7 is obtained, then what is the probability that a sum of 5 comes before a sum of 7?

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Science Riddle For High School

Science Riddle For High School Solution - 20 April

There is a boat with a brick of gold and a brick of iron. Both the blocks are exactly 10 inch in size. If they are dropped into the surrounding water of river.

Which one of the blocks will make the water level higher?

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Engineer Riddle

Engineer Riddle Solution - 19 April

Look at the figure below. You have three house and there are three utilities below it: W representing water, G representing gas and E representing Electricity.

You have to draw a line that gets each utility into every house without crossing the lines. Can you do it?

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This puzzle is known as the Turan Brickyard Problem and is a classic one. There is no way that they can be connected without crossing the lines in 2 dimension. However, you can do it if you place the scene in a 3d workplace. See to the figure to understand better.

world's trickiest riddle

worlds trickiest riddle Solution - 18 April

The doctor prescribed you to take one pill from the bottle every half an hour. The bottle is now left with only three pills.

How long do you think you have before you run out of pills?

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You have an hour.

The most common answer will be one and a half hour. But remember, when you took the first pill, it was the zero minute.

Mathematical Logical Puzzle

Mathematical Logical Puzzle Solution - 17 April

Consider the situation that there is a pond where some flowers have grown up and some bees are hovering over the flowers. Now read the following statements carefully:
1. If each of the bees lands on a flower, then one bee does not get a flower.
2. If two bees share each flower, then there is one flower left.

Now, can you calculate the number of flowers in the pong and the number of bees hovering over them?

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There are three flowers in the pond and four bees are hovering over it.
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