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Deductive Thinking Puzzle

Deductive Thinking Puzzle Solution - 23 July

There are three identical triplets sisters. Demi is the oldest of them all and she always speaks truth. Diana is the next one who is a liar always. Drew, the youngest of them all speaks both truth and lies randomly.

On a rainy day, a family friend Victor visited them. Since there were starkly identical, he was not able to recognize them. Thus to clarify, he asked one question to each one of them.

He started with the one standing on the left and asked, 'Which sister is in the middle of you three?' She answered, 'That’s Demi.'

Then, he asked the one standing in the middle, 'What is your name?' She answered, 'I am Drew.'

Finally he asked the one standing on the right, 'Who is standing in the middle?' She answered, 'She is Diana.'

Victor was left baffled. He asked the questions three times and received different answers every time.

Can you tell who was who?

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Calculate Distance Puzzle

Calculate Distance Puzzle Solution - 22 July

Two friends plan to meet. They both own a bike and hops on to their respective bikes and kick start the journey together deciding to meet halfway. Each of them is riding at 6 MPH and their houses are 36 miles apart from each other. One of them has a dog who also begins running at that very instant. The dog keeps running back and forth at 18 MPH from one friend to another till they meet at the half way.

Can you calculate the distance that the dog has traveled in total?

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This problem is much simple than it appears to be. Just see to the fact that it will take 3 hours for the friends to meet. How? Go figure out with Speed, Distance and Time relations. Now, he dog will be running for three hours in total at 18 MPH. Thus he will cover a total distance of 18 * 3 = 54 miles.

Interesting Puzzle To Solve

Interesting Puzzle To Solve Solution - 21 July

In an office's desk, you find a unique method that shows the current day of the month. Two numbered cubes are used to depict the current date.

Can you find out the numbers on both the cubes so that each date can be mentioned using them?

Please note that you have to use both the cubes to display any date. Thus the 1st day must be represented by 01 and so on.

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First cube has the following numbers:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Second cube has the following numbers:
0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8

If you noticed, we have not used number 9 on any cube. This is because, you can always invert the number 6 to make it 9.

Please note that an alternate solution is also available for this problem. If you can find it, do post in the comments section.

Short Funny Puzzle

Short Funny Puzzle Solution - 20 July

There are forty elephants and they have forty-fore heads. How can this be possible?

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The forty elephants have forty foreheads.

Citi Bank Interview Puzzle

Citi Bank Interview Puzzle Solution - 19 July

There are three boxes labelled as Red Balls, Black Balls and Red and Black Balls. Each one of the box is labelled incorrectly. You have just one chance to pick up from any box and then label the boxes correctly.

How will you do it?

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Pick up from the box that is labelled as Red and Black Balls. Since they are labelled incorrectly, it should have either Red Balls only or Black Balls only.

Suppose you get a Red Ball, then you will be sure that this box has Red Balls only and you can label it that. Now the box that has been labelled as Black cannot have Black balls as all were labelled incorrectly. Also, we know that we have found the Red Balls box. Thus it must be the box with Red and Black Balls. Now the only box that remains is the one labelled as Red Balls. You can label it as Black Balls now.
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