Totally Wrong Problem Solution

3 friends went to buy a clock and they contributed $20 each for the $ 60 clock
later the shopkeeper discovered that it was of $ 50 only and sent a servant to return them $ 10. The servant unable to divide 10 among the 3, keeps $4 for himself and gives them 2$ each.
so now each friends expenditure is $ 18 only 18*3=54 so $ 54 given by the friends and 4 $ are with the servant
total = 54+4 = 58. Where did 2$ go??

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ur mind is thinking just of what each got
rather we should see where the amount goes 18*3=54 is what they spent and 6 is what they were reimbursed so total = 60
money given to the servant gets automatically accounted for, as the shares of friends gets reduced.