Hourglass Time Puzzle

Hourglass Time Puzzle Solution - 25 December

There are 2 sand hourglasses.
The small one can measure 5 hours and the large one can measure 7 hours.

How can we measure 16 hours with 2 sand hourglasses running together ?

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* Start both sand hourglasses at the same time.
* You flip over the small sand hourglass when it finishes the first 5 hours.
* Flip over the large one when it finishes its first 7 hours.
* When the small sand hourglass runs to 10 hours, flip over the small and large sand hourglass at the same time. It means the large sand hourglass will run 3 hours again. When the large sand hourglass run to 13 hours (7 + 3 + 3), flip both the small and large sand hourglass over again to run another 3 hours