Intel Logic Aptitude Interview Question

Intel Logic Aptitude Interview Question Solution - 18 March

Three brothers are identical triplets.
-: The oldest(my minutes) is Sanjay and he is so honest that he always tells the truth.
-: The next oldest is Anurag and he always lies.
-: The next and the youngest is Anmol and he sometimes lies and sometimes tells the truth.

Aditi, an old friend of the the brothers visited them after a long time and did not recognize them.
:- Aditi asked the brother that was sitting on the left, 'Which brother is in the middle of you three?' and the answer she received was, 'Oh, that's Sanjay.'
:- Aditi then asked the brother in the middle, 'What is your name?' The response given was, 'I am Anmol'
:- Aditi turned to the brother on the right, then asked, 'Who is that in the middle?' The brother then replied, 'He is Anurag.'

This confused Aditi; she had asked the same question three times and received three different answers.

Who was who ?

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The first one cannot be Sanjay, because that would make the first one a liar. The second one cannot be Sanjay for the same reason. So, the third brother must be Sanjay. This means the middle one is Anurag and the only one left is Anmol