Interesting Maths Puzzle

Interesting Maths Puzzle Solution - 2 July

A women walks into a bank to cash out her check.
By mistake the bank teller gives her rupee amount in change, and her paise amount in rupees.
On the way home she spends 5 paise, and then suddenly she notices that she has twice the amount of her check.

How much was her check amount ?

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The check was for Rupees 31.63.
The bank teller gave her Rupees 63.31
She spent .05, and then she had Rupees 63.26, which is twice the check.

Let x be the rupees of the check, and y be the paise.

The check was for 100x + y paise
He was given 100y + x paise

100y + x - 5 = 2(100x + y)
Expanding this out and rearranging, we find:
98y = 199x + 5

or 199x ≡ -5 (mod 98)
or 98*2*x + 3x ≡ -5 (mod 98)
3x ≡ -5 ≡ 93 (mod 98)
this quickly leads to x = 31