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Famous Logic Bag Puzzle

Famous Logic Bag Puzzle Solution - 23 August

There are 3 bags and all are labeled incorrectly as follow:
Bag1 : Silver
Bag2 : Gold
Bag3 : Silver and Gold.

You need to label all bags correctly by opening just one bag.

How come ?

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It have already mention that all bag have labeled in correctly
let consider 
bag A-silver
bag B-gold
bag C-gold and silver
if i open bag C ..i:e gold and silver
then i should get somthing else(silver or gold) ....becouse it have already mention that all bag are labeled in correctly 
so the rest 2 bag A and B should also cantain wrong item.
So.... If i assume that bag c ....cantain silver.
Then bag A(labeled silver) should cantain gold
and bag b(labeled gold)should cantain gold and silver
becouse it have mention that all bag are labeled incorrectly