Hard Logic Problem

Hard Logic Problem Solution - 6 November

There is a town named Springville. In that town you can find extremely hilarious facts. None of the resident has 456,789 hairs. The number of residents are more than the number of hair in any one of the.

Can you find out the largest number of residents in such a scenario?

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The answer is 456,789.

Let us begin with two residents. The number of hairs on their head can be zero and one. If we extrapolate the fact, we will come to know that the number of hairs with 'n' number of residents will always range from zero to (n-1).

If we go above 456,789 to 456,790 with none of the residents having 456,789 hairs, the number of hairs on them will be different and one of them must have more than 456,789 which will clearly violate the fact that the number of residents are more than hairs on an individual.