Maths Logical Problem

Maths Logical Problem Solution - 7 November

Accidentally, two trains are running in the opposite direction and enter a tunnel that is 200 miles long. A supersonic bird that has fled the lab and taken shelter in the tunnel starts flying from one train towards the other at a speed of 1000 mph. As soon as it reaches the second train, he starts flying back to avoid collision and meets the first train again at the other end. The bird keeps flying to and fro till the trains collide with each other.

What is the total distance that the supersonic bird has traveled till the trains collided?

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Let us consider the length of the tunnel first; which is 200 miles. Now, the trains are running on the same speed which means that they will collide at the center of the tunnel and will take an hour to reach the center. Now the bird is travelling at a speed of 1000 mph and it is flying for an hour (since the trains will take an hour to collide). Thus the bird will travel 1000 miles in the process.