Clever Girl Riddle

Clever Girl Riddle Solution - 7 January

Shyla was sleeping in her apartment when suddenly a robber broke into her house. He asked her to stay quiet and started looting the cash and jewelry. Suddenly the landline phone started ringing. The robber pointed gun at Shyla and asked her to pick up and talk without giving away the situation.

She picked up the phone and it happened to be her husband. She spoke, “Is it an emergency darling? Do give me a call when your flight lands, I will prepare your favorite food that will help you relieve the stress.” Then she hanged up.

10 minutes after, the police arrives at the scene and catches the robber. How did the police know about the robbery ?

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While talking with her husband on phone, Shyla played with the mute button. She pressed mute on specific parts of her conversation in a manner that only the words emergency, call and help were heard by her husband. So her husband heard, “Emergency…. Call…. Help” and immediately called the police.