Long Disgusting Riddle

Long Disgusting Riddle Solution - 18 January

Andrew was absent from school for most of the days and thus the principal called him. He asked Andrew for an explanation to which Thomas replied the following:

I don't have enough to attend school. I must have eight hours of sleep every day and if added for 365 days, it makes 122 days in a year. We have weekends off adding to 104 days of the year. The summer holidays are roughly 60 days. I take an hour for each meal adding to 3 hours a day and 45 days a year. I must spend 2 hours every day for exercising and recreation to stay physically and mentally fit which adds up to 30 days in a year.

If you add all of them, you will get 361 days as the answer. So I am left with only 4 days to attend the school.

Though the principal knows that Andrew is messing with his head, he is unable to point where Andrew is going wrong. Can you tell how he is calculating in a wrong manner?

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Fore mostly, Andrew is adding up a lot of double count7s. He is adding the time spent sleeping, eating and relaxing etc. separately while without deducting that time from the weekends and other holidays. Also, weekends occur is summer holidays as well. Thus these hours are being counted several times.

Another thing is that the school does not happen for 24 hours and thus the 4 days will count as 16 days of school even if a school commence for six hours.