Hard Clock Puzzle

Hard Clock Puzzle Solution - 25 March

A pocket watch is rotated voluntarily. See the picture given with this question. If the colored hands represents the hour, second and minute hands of the watch, can you determine the time?

Hint: It's somewhere in the afternoon.

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There are sixty marks, so logically each mark is there for a minute.

Now, the hour hand is on a mark when the minute hand is on [0, 12, 24, 36, 48]. When the minute hand is on a mark, the second hand is on noon. But the blue hand cannot be the second hand. (It would be on noonand it would be eighteen minutes past/before a full hour.)

a) Green is on twelve. Red indicates twenty four minutes. Blue indicates forty two [minutes] = 8 + 2/5 [hours] = 8:24
b) Green is on twelve. Red indicates thirty six minutes. Blue indicates eighteen [minutes] = 3 + 3/5 [hours] = 3:36
c) Red is on twelve = 3:36
d) Red is on twelve = 8:24.

Also, keep in mind that the watch can be rotated upside down as well.