Cricket Riddle

Cricket Riddle Solution - 24 April

How many runs at maximum can a batsman score in a normal one day match? Consider the fact that the conditions are ideal and there are no No Balls, no Wide Balls and no Extras in that match.

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If we are considering an ideal case and we have to calculate the maximum score, we will assume that the batsman hits six on every ball. But then, at the end of every over, the strike will change. But we have to make sure, he gets to play maximum number of balls to score maximum runs. Thus, the batsman will hit six in first five balls and will choose to take 3 runs in the last ball so that he retains the strike in the following over.

Total runs per over in that case = 6 * 5 + 3 = 33.

But in the last over (50th over), he don’t have to worry about keeping the strike and thus, he will hit six even on the last ball. Therefore, the maximum runs that a batsman can score:

33 * 49 + 6 * 6 = 1617 + 36 = 1653