Famous Barber Haircut Riddle

Famous Barber Haircut Riddle Solution - 4 April

A tourist visits a small town for his research. While in the town, he decides to get a haircut. Since the town is quite small, there are only two barbers in the town – one on the North Street and one on the South Street. The barbershop on the North Street is a mess and the barber has a weird and pathetic haircut. While the barbershop at the South Street is pretty tidy and the barber as well has an impressive haircut.

Which barbershop will the tourist visit for his haircut and why?

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The tourist will get his haircut from the barbershop at the North Street.

Since there are only two barbers in the town, it is obvious that the haircut of the barber at the north street would have been done by the one in the south street and vice versa. Thus, a weird haircut means that the one in the south street don't know the art of hair cutting well. Also, since the one in South Street is tidy, it can be possible that he is getting no customer.