Lateral Thinking Problem

Lateral Thinking Problem Solution - 11 April

Daniel walks into a movie theater. While in the movie, he suddenly smiles delightfully. About a couple of minutes later, he seems shocked. He walks out of the theater, goes to a bridge and jumps over the edge killing himself.

Why did he do it?

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This puzzle can only be solved with lateral thinking, there is no logical reasoning behind it.

Daniel had been the father of two identical twins named Justice and Damien. Ironically, both of them had starkly opposite temperament. While Justice was kind and generous, Damien was quite violent and rude.

On a certain day, Justice approached his father and told him that Damien had killed a man. Daniel rushed to the crime scene with Justice and saw Damien huddled over a dead man. Rage took Daniel over and he started fighting with his son eventually killing him accidentally. When the police reached the crime scene, he arrested Daniel and he was put in prison for ten years. He received a note from Justice while he was in prison in the very first month. The note said that Justice could never forgive his father for what he did with Damien and that he will never see him again.

After moving out of the prison, Daniel came to know that Justice had become a junior film star. He also came to know that a film starring him in a minor role was running in the theater. He quickly bought the ticket to the nearest theater and went inside the hall filled with excitement. When he saw Justice on the silver screen, he could not help but smile feeling proud of his son. But soon after the camera zoomed over the back of his neck and he saw a birthmark that belonged to Damien.

He understood that in reality, Damien had killed the man and the one whom he father took as Damien was actually Justice trying to save the man. He is shocked at the revelation and struck with grief. Thus he decides to kill himself by jumping from the bridge.