Deductive Logic Puzzle

Deductive Logic Puzzle Solution - 28 July

In a university, a professor gave a set of three problems to the three brilliant most students of his class. See the image for the questions.

Now all three students gave different answers to the problems. Below are the replies by them.

First Student
1. Two
2. Six
3. Two

Second Student
1. Two
2. Three
3. Infinity

Third Student
1. One
2. Three
3. Two

Now you know that every student has given one answer wrong and the other two answers right. Can you find out the correct answers?

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We know that everybody has got two questions right and one wrong.

Now if the first student got the first question wrong, then the second one must have that question as wrong two since both answers are the same.

Now if that is true, then we are having two different correct answers for the second and third question.

Thus, the first and second student must be correct with the first question.

Keep on applying the same logic and you will reach to the conclusion that the correct answers are:
Two for the first question
Three for the second question and
Two for the third question.