Hard Critical Thinking Puzzle

Hard Critical Thinking Puzzle Solution - 7 September

If two fifty foot ropes are suspended from a forty foot ceiling that is twenty feet apart, how much of rope will you be able to steal if you have a knife ?

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You can steal almost whole of the rope. First you tie the ropes at the ends and then climb on one of them. Now you tie a loop in the rope closest possible to the ceiling. Then you hang from the loop and cut the rope just below it. Please make sure that you don’t drop that rope or you will be stuck. Now you run the rope through that loop and tie it to your waist. Now you swing towards the other rope and pull the rope going through the loop tightly. Now you cut the other rope as closely possible to the ceiling while you hold the other end tightly. The moment the rope is lose, you swing down below the loop. Now you drop down to the ground by letting the rope out. Then you untie yourself and pull the rope completely through the loop. Now you have the entire rope with you except the portion that was spent tying the loop.