Distribution Maths Problem

Distribution Maths Problem Solution - 6 January

Three friends decide to distribute the soda cans they had among them. When all of them had drunk four cans each, the total number of cans that remained were equal to the cans each one of them had after they had divided the cans.

Can you calculate the total number of cans before distribution ?

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Assume that the total number of can before distribution were 3*C

After distribution, each one of them had C cans then.

Each one of them drank four cans and thus (C-4) cans remained.

Now according to the questions we can frame the following equation:

3 * (C-4) = C
(3 * C) - 12 = C
2* C = 12
C = 6

Thus, the total cans before distribution were 3 * C = 3 * 6 = 18.